Portis Group


At Portis Group we bring together multiple disciplines to achieve one goal: create business advantage for our clients. The fact that we are brought in as outsiders often makes it easier for us to establish a deeper, more holistic understanding of projects. From this external perspective we're able to uncover opportunities and present solutions that may otherwise never have been considered. Whether you're looking for design of a brand identity, print collateral, package design, the development of a website, or a full campaign projected across multiple media channels, we tailor our services to fit your needs.

Brand Strategy

Strategy is the dynamic link between understanding business, market intelligence and being creative. The development of a brand platform goes hand in hand with the design process and the two have an influence on each other. Addressing these strategic and creative concerns in equal measure is a balance that's central to every aspect of building a brand. Portis Group articulates your vision and defines the positioning required to establish a new brand, revitalize an existing one or add a brand extension to an existing portfolio.

Corporate Identity Design

A distinctive identity provides a necessary platform for an organization, product or service to communicate competitive difference. Corporate identity design integrates business strategies with brand attributes through visual design and messaging. The result is identity design that skillfully expresses an organization's qualities while creating a unique and memorable position for the client in the marketplace. Detailed brand guidelines are provided with the final artwork to ensure consistency across all media applications.

Content Creation

If our client doesn't come to us with compelling content that's relevant to their business, then we assist with the vision and production of these assets. Developing valuable content which enlightens and influences is at the heart of all brand communication. We write copy, art direct photography, commission illustration and make it all technically perfect for the intended media.

Design and Art Direction

It's the core of what we do and we work hard to deliver the best and most effective creative work possible. We see design as a strategic tool which is used to communicate messages and influence audiences. Portis Group provides creative direction across all aspects of business. That's why an investment in our design solutions should yield a good return beyond the aesthetic. As designers, our goal is to strengthen our client's credibility while controlling how their company or product is perceived in the marketplace. Our creative work is always about how we can provide value-solutions that lead audiences to act.

Consumer Packaging

Package design does affect products and will influence sales. With package design the challenge is integrating both consumer and business needs. As consumer tastes become more complex and culturally diverse, packaging increasingly requires a visual approach that targets a modern aesthetic, as well as protects, preserves and provides a cost-effective and sustainable method to merchandise products.

Designers feel what other people think.