Portis Group

Under The Influence Of Visual Culture


Portis Group is a design agency with a continued focus on brand strategy, design and advertising projects for both commercial enterprises and not-for-profit organizations. Providing a range of services, we work closely with clients and remain firmly committed to delivering authentic and completely customized solutions that help drive business forward. Since the company’s inception in 1997, Portis Group has grown a substantial client base with projects spanning many market sectors from hospitality and travel, to environmental services, manufacturing, property development, the arts and health care.

Our team brings a deep understanding of visual culture on a global level to our work. As creative thinkers, we’re very aware of a dynamically changing and borderless cultural flow which continually expands the scope and range of our projects. We closely observe what’s happening in consumer culture such as retail, design and media; anything that might give us insight into consumer expectations and a future-focused perspective on a variety of markets.

Portis Group aims to enhance the value of communications with relevant design solutions. To achieve this, we have not only exceptionally creative and professional designers, but we also bring business insight, information on current trends, a holistic view of markets and expert project management to our work.


Portis Group is dedicated to producing high quality communications that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient. For us, sustainability is about preserving natural resources. Paper is one these valuable resources so we’ve made it our business to understand the environmental issues impacting paper choices. As the paper industry grows and modifies their practices, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our vendor selection and to provide the best advice in this area to our clients. We have always believed that if we design print materials for longevity—because they are too special to get thrown away—then everyone wins, especially our clients.


Our environment is important to us. That’s why our studio is located in Jackson Hole. We’ve placed ourselves in a small international resort town with a diverse cultural mix of residents, and a constant exchange of visitors. In this urban-mountain setting, we live close to the natural environment and are also surrounded by the energy of a global design-savvy community. This way, we continue to broaden the scope and range of our activities while keeping our perspective fresh and our thinking cutting-edge.

The field of brand design is human perception.